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Thursday, June 28, 2007

List of Thai Lao Private Cooking Videos

Summer is here yeh! and therefore, I am going to take a break from blogging. Have a safe and fun summer everyone!

Feel like shopping this summer? Depending on the amount of donation, I will mail you the following Thai & Lao Food product(s):
$15 --> one pair of Thai hair sticks
$20 --> Set 1 Thai & Lao Food Recipe Book
$21 --> Set 2 Thai & Lao Food Recipe Book
$22 --> Sao Lao t-shirt: youth 2, 6, L and adult S, M, L, XL
$23 --> i hum yie t-shirt: youth SM, M XL and adult L, XL
$33 --> Set 1, Thai & Lao Cooking Videos on DVD and recipe book
$35 --> Set 2, Thai & Lao Food video on DVD and recipe book
$60--> Set 1 Thai & Lao Cooking Videos and recipe book + Set 2 Thai & Lao Food videos and recipe book

Thai hair sticks are included in every set of dvds and recipe books until supplies last.

To mail me a donation, email me and ask for my address.

Notice that my recent postings have no list of cooking ingredients or directions? That is because I am focusing on my paid customers and will continue to do so when I get back from my summer break. All instructions are in my private cooking videos.

Thai & Lao Appetizer Recipes:
1. Wet Rice Paper Spring Rolls
2. Steam Bun
3. Shrimp chips
4. Fried Shrimp Rolls

Soup & Salad Recipes:
5. Cucumber Salad
6. Banana Blossom Salad
7. Long Bean Noodle Salad
8. Bamboo Soup
9. Chicken Rice Noodle Porridge
10. Khao Bune Ba - Fish Curry Noodle Soup
11. Sin Khao Bune - Vermicelli Noodles

Main Dish Recipes:
12. Aw Quail - Quail Stir Fry
13. Water Lily Stir Fry
14. Eggplant in Fish Sauce Stirfry
15. Bake Fish with Thai Lao Herbs
16. Lap Chicken
17. Beef Stir Fry

Thai & Lao Dessert Recipes:
18. Thai Lao Agar Gelatin Dessert
29. Tapioca Pearl dessert
20. Corn Wrap Dessert
21. Steam Cassava with coconut flakes
22. Coconut Flakes
23. Squash and Custard
24 Water Chestnut Dumplings

Thai & Lao Dipping Sauce Recipes:
25. Jeow Ba Dek - Lao National Dipping Sauce
26. Curry Peanut Dipping Sauce
27. Eggplant Chili Sauce
28. Sour Fruit Dipping Sauce

Thai & Lao Drink Recipes:
29. Fresh Soy Milk
30. Fresh Coconut Milk
31. Black Bean Coconut Drink



Blogger Kay said...

thanks for sharing the jeow ba dek recipe...the way i cook is very exact, i don't like to veer from recipes very much, however, my sisters who are much older and wiser don't cook like that they know everything from memory and taste, all i get from them is a visual, which is still great, i'll take what i can

1:03 AM  
Anonymous Brandon said...

oOo. i like your recipes. i'm 13. i hope this website will still be up when i grow up. :D my dad doesnt cook lao/thai food a lot. i need to learn to cook my county's food. (: it's funny how you speak proper englishbecause my dad isso asian with his accent. lol keep up the good process. i hope you get more donations.

12:18 AM  
Blogger Manivan Larprom said...

I am fortunate that my parents have continued to speak to me in the Lao language because there are many times when I need to translate Lao to English and English to Lao. My parents have the accent too but I lost the accent because I've lived in Canada for most of my life. You should surprise your dad by cooking Lao Sticky Rice.

6:52 AM  
Blogger jillian123 said...

hi manivan, i happened to come across your website while looking for lao dipping sauces. i married into a lao family (im white) so im trying to learn how to cook lao food. and i would really like to impress my husbands parents as well is have my husband like it.anyway thanks for putting out authentic recipes!

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find the kao lung fuen recipe, it looks like tofu in a tomato/tamrind soup with soy beans. I am 4 months pregnant and craving this recipe soooo bad, if you know this, please forward. Thanks, Dorri.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sabie-dee ka, I've been trying to find the recipe for a soup that has beef intestines and tripe and it has lemongrass and bay leaves...i forgot the name of it but im sure its not a popular dish.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Manivan Larprom said...

The name of the soup is called 'gang keun nie'.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous lao_tiger said...

Hello, I've been trying to find the recipe for "sindad" sauce. I know there's a few. I just need anyone so I can cook some sindad. lol

3:55 AM  
Blogger A raawy said...

i have blog of esarn food...

welcome to my bolg..

thank you.

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2:02 AM  

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