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Monday, August 07, 2006

Sticky Rice & Mango Dessert

A great way to use up left over sticky rice is to make the Sticky Rice & Mango dessert.

Dessert Recipe: Sticky Rice & Mango
1 cup fresh coconut milk
1/4 to 1/2 cup sugar
3 cups cooked sticky rice
1 ripe mango

In a pot, over medium heat, add coconut and sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add sticky rice and stir until fresh coconut milk absorbs into sticky rice. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Remove skin of mango, cut into bit size pieces and discard the mango pit. Dish sticky rice on to a serving bowl or plate. Add mango slices over rice and serve.

I like to add left over black bean coconut drink to cook with the sticky rice. It gives the rice a nice purple colour and the beans add texture and protein to the dessert.

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Blogger Cheryl Kohan said...

I recently had this dessert at a Thai restaurant. It's scrumptious! So I looked for a recipe online and found your site. Am going to make this very soon. I like your blog very much and wonder if you would mind exchanging links?
Cheryl K.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I ate this at a Thai restaurant in California. And am so happy to find the authentic recipe here. I would love to try it out and post your recipe on my food blog, if you don't mind. I'll put your link on my blog as well. Thanks for the recipe!

5:48 PM  
Blogger a.k.a. Jack said...

Thank you! This is one of my all time favorite desserts and my sister just got me a bamboo steamer for my birthday. Can't wait to try it! I would love to see a recipe for Pad Kra Tiem Prik Thai if you have one. That's another Thai favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing your recipes and for the videos. They are very helpful.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had this dessert at a Thai restaurant a couple of times and it was delicious! I am doing a project on Laos and I have to make a dish from that country. So I typed in Lao desserts and found this great website! Thank you so much I'm sure it will be so great! The videos are so helpful, by the way.

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love this dessert, It comes out perfect and is the best recipe I have found so far. Also excellent if served warm, and with berries instead of mango.

9:57 PM  
Blogger EGT said...

Your recipe is how it was made in Isan and Chiang Mai on my recent (first) visit March & April 2010. Other online and book recipes seem to want to pour coconut milk over the rice which is not what I experienced at all. The dessert was not soupy.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Ang said...

Thank you! I have never tried this, but i have to do a presentation for Laos with food, and I wanted to make a desert but couldn't find any good recipes. judging from the other comments, it'll get me an A+ on my college final! (I HOPE!)

5:58 PM  

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