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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thai Lao Fried Shrimp Rolls

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Marta! What do I give to someone who has everything--health, a loving husband with a successful real estate business, a fulfilling career, and a classy condo? So today I acknowledge and celebrate this day as "Marta Day." When I moved from home to the city to go to school, I did not know a soul. Marta and I met in class and have become friends for 13 years. My 2nd home is a Polish home as Marta, Mamus, Tatus, and Magda quickly adopted me.

Marta hosted the New Year's party and I brought these shrimp roll wraps. If anyone has a chance to go to a Polish party, I highly recommend it because Polish people know how to party! I had the best new year's party ever. Thank you Marta for everything and Happy Birthday!

Appetizer Recipe: Fried Shrimp Rolls
Egg roll wraps
Shrimp that are devein and shell removed except for tail
Vegetable oil
1 egg

Purchase large egg roll wraps and cut squares from one corner the other create triangle sheets. Season shrimp with salt and optional pepper. Separate egg white from egg yolk. Stir the egg yolk. Take one triangle sheet and place one shrimp so that the tail hangs over sheet. Roll the wrap and tuck in sides. Seal wrap with egg yolk. Heat oil in a pot over medium heat. Submerge shrimp wraps into oil. Stir occasionally. Shrimp will take less than 2 minutes to cook. Remove shrimp from heat and strain excess oil. Serve fried shrimp rolls with the Spring Roll Dipping Sauce or the curry peanut dipping sauce.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmmm these are so good and the beauty of it is that they are extremely easy to make.

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