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Monday, March 20, 2006

Shredding Green Papaya

A Green Papaya Salad tastes better when the papaya is shredded the traditional way...using a knife only. Use this method also to shred green mangos for the green mango salad.

Above the page, do a Google search for "papaya shredder" if you would like to purchase a papaya shredder in order to save time and possibly your fingers.

This Thai & Lao Food video will show you the traditional way. All you need is a knife and good hand-eye coordination.

In my opinion, if a Thai / Lao restaurant serves me a Green Papaya Salad that is uniformly shredded, then it means that the restaurant is using a papaya shredder. Therefore, the restaurant cannot be serving authentic Thai / Lao food.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

STILL AUTHENTIC JUST NOT TRADITIONAL. I disagree somewhat with your opinion that "food is not authentic thai/lao if we use a shredder." The shredder is just a modern invention used to help us save time. The food is authentic because the recipe hasn't changed, only the traditional method of shredding. My mom use to be totally against using the shredder because she says it tastes better the traditional shredded way. But in this day and age, time is valueable, so I notice that most laotian homes now own the papaya shredder.

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