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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coconut Flakes

Today is Remembrance Day which is the 11th month and 11th day. On the 11th, hour World War II ended. Canada has a moment of silence to honour the veterans of World War II. I get emotional during this time because Canadians benefit from the soldiers' courage in fighting for this great country. Today I honour the veterans and the Canadian soldiers. Thank you for your courage and love for Canada.

When people think of Canada, they think of snow flakes. Yes, Canada has lots of snow. So day I post coconut flakes that are used to make fresh coconut milk and to garnish over dessert recipes like steam cassava with coconut flakes.

Instructions on making Coconut Flakes:
1 coconut
1 coconut grater

Take one coconut and put in your hand or on a table so that the ends of the coconut is facing east and west. Take a strong, heavy knife and chop in the middle until the coconut cracks. Drain coconut juice in a glass. Separate the coconut in half and use the grater to grate the coconut meat. Stop grating when you see the brown bark. For best presentation, avoid mixing any brown coconut bark with the coconut flakes.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short video chips to teach people to make the recipes are very nice. Nice voice too. Hope to learn more about recipe in Thai and Lao food.

1:06 AM  

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